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Robin J. [userpic]
Kara and Kik go grocery shopping
by Robin J. (kikkuma)
at July 7th, 2006 (07:41 pm)
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Uh... happened like, a few weeks back.

The fridge was empty. The freezer was devoid of anything edible. The cupboards and pantry only had old stale cereal and dried fruits and Kik was NOT about to have any of THAT. So, she did the only logical thing that came to mind.

"Kaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaa!" Cupping her hands to the sides of her mouth, she hollared up the stairs to the guest rooms, pinning her ears back and screwing her eyes shut tightly. "KAAAARAAAAAA!! WEEE NEEEEEEED FOOOOOOOOOOOD! IIII'MMMMM HUUUUUNGRRRYYYYYY!"

The called-for maid pulled herself out of bed, her eyes, still heavily lidded with sleep, scanning the room for a hairbrush. A holler reached the werewolf downstairs, "I'M CO-MING!--- Jesus." Kara grappled with her frizzy, curled hair a few seconds, trying desperately to work out the lax spirals she had previously cut off. Oh, how the girl longed for the simple, straight hair of her sister. Pulling a skirt up over her boxers, and pulling on a somewhat clean t-shirt, Kara flung herself down the stairs whilst carrying a pair of sandals in one hand.

"Couldn't you have gotten me up earlier, if you wanted to go now?" She grumbled at her employer, super, and friend.

"Well I wasn't hungry BEFORE Kara," The werewolf rolled her eyes, and threw her hands up into the air, "If I had been hungry BEFORE Kara, I would'ave let ya know THEN. But I WASN'T and I am NOW." She huffed, letting her pale arms flop back down to her sides.

"I'd you know, go out and get stuff on my own or something, but you remember what happened the last time." She paused there, giving the other youth a pointed stare, a single thin brow arching over the scarred portions of her otherwise impossibly pale face. "Now come oooon~ You don't know how fuckin' staaaarving I am Kara." Kik whined, latching onto and pulling on one of the maid's arms, glasses slipping down the bridge of her nose as she wriggled in place, tail swishing through the air with the motion.

She glared at the wolf-girl before pulling on some white-rimmed sunglasses and heading down the next flight of stairs, leaving Kik behind without a though. Finding her purse, which had previously been discarded behind the bar, and pulling on her shoes, Kara sat down on a stool and pulled a cigarillo out, waiting for her light and the companion that was attached to it. ((I suck so hard. Edit this to make it good.))

Kik was quick to bound down the next flight of stairs after the maid, furry wagging appendage in tow. "We're going to the market right? To street market right? Or to the indoor one? Which market Kara?" It seemed that staying in doors for so long had finally taken it's toll on the youth, warping her into even more of a rabid bundle of energy.

She was quick to pull on her usual pair of 'nazi' boots, shoving her glasses further up her nose with one quick, sloppy movement. "Hey hey, grab me my sweets from behind the countertop, na?" With a wave of her hand, the girl spun on her heels towards the door leading to yet another flight of stairs, trotting on down them without delay. "Come ON Kara~!"

The maid's angered glare followed the happy-go-lucky Kik-- who passed by without lighting her smoke. She pouted, albeit in the most angry way possible, and slipped off the stool, following her friend at a slower pace down the stairs, 'forgetting' the candy she had asked for. After exiting the tall and narrow bar, the maid found her way towards the indoor grocery chain, entering the sliding glass doors without much notice of the energetic and noisy werewolf walking beside her.

The unlit cigarillo still hanging lightly from her mouth, Kara couldn't help but realize it was better unlit, for the moment. These 'non-smoking zones' didn't prohibit having the bloody things, and a slight smile happened upon her face as she picked up a bunch of bananas, waiting for Kik to get a cart (believing, of course, that the girl didn't need to be asked or told, or to get any such form of notice, to get a cart).

Kik had indeed gotten a cart, that of which, she was currently standing on. Well, more like, running, then jumping on the back bar, then sliding wildly about the shiny grocery store floors on. Her fun ended quickly enough though as the cart crashed into a wall nearby Kara, sending the werewolf tripping and falling over her own boot-clad feet. "AWK!"

The girl latched onto Kara's arm once more, steadying herself, before a look akin to horror crossed her face. "Ew, no bananas Kara!" She snarled, waggling her fingers in the direction of the offending produce. "I hate those. Let's go get some steaks instead. Oh, and some beef jerky too- OH, did you remember to bring my Swisher Sweets? I really need a smoke right now and come ON Kara put those nasty things down already!"

Kara glared through the tint of her sunglasses and placed the slightly green fruit into the cart. She snarled a little as she spoke to Kik through her cigarillo. "-I- like bananas." She continued as began putting a half-dozen apples into the cart. "And I forgot your candy." The maid motioned to the dairy aisle.

"Get some milk, a slab of milk chocolate-- FOR BAKING-- And an eighteen ounce carton of plain yogurt." A sigh escaped Kara as she continued. "I'll be with the meats and cheeses."

Kara began pulling the cart after her into the next aisle over, stopping before only to waggle a finger at her friend. "And you can only pick out one snack or candy. AND you have to show it to me BEFORE we pay."

Kik gave a small nod for each item listed off, mouth opening with a protest once the maid seemed to be finished. SHE should be the one going to get the meats and cheeses. She was better at it after all. Far more so than Kara was. Kara never bought enough. But before she was able to properly complain to the maid about this, her jaw dropped, ears flattening themselves against her hair.

"What? That’s so unfair Kara!" The girl remained uncaring of whatever looks she was drawing, and instead snarled at the maid, hackles rising as a single finger pointed in her direction, "You can’t do that! I’m not a fuckin kid Kara! I’m your BOSS, and what I say goes, god damnit and right now I want--"

Less than 60 seconds later, Kik was holding a jug and a carton of yogurt, contemplating the row of baking chocolates in front of her, free hand rubbing at a single furry pierced ear. Anything but another one of the maid’s lectures. With a grumble and a sour expression, she plucked off no less than four bars, stuffing nearly half of one in her mouth. Only to hold it of course. Her hands were getting rather full.

It was easy for Kik to loose Kara’s scent among every other distracting thing in the market, and by the time she reached the meat section, she’d chewed through the chocolate bar in her mouth, leaving the remaining half of the bar tooth-dented and sticky.

"Immp goff yowr shwachowat-" She managed out around the sticky mouthful.

Kara's brows furrowed as she eyed the multiple bars of baking chocolate, one of which already half-gone with a melty-bitten edge. She took the three and a half bars, tossed the half-eaten one in, and dumped the rest next to the pepperjack. "Well, I didn't expect you to choose baking chocolate as your snack-- I mean, it's a whole lot more bitter than regular, and it's so expensive... I guess I won't be able to make those special choco-fruit cups I wanted to." The maid sighed, and fished out cup candy molds hidden deep in the cart.

"Too bad, right?" She sighed again, playing it out only a little. "I mean, I guess I'll have to just have some extra fruit lying around... and now I don't know what I'm going to do with the yogurt. I never got to cook any candy for Valentine's day, and I really thought I could do something maybe this week... I thought maybe we could have some chocolate, get some firecrackers...

"But it's too bad." Kara shrugged her shoulders, walking onto the next aisle with the cart now stuffed with dairy and sandwich meat.

"Wait…. What?" Blue eyes grew wide behind her glasses, and Kik scrambled after the maid instantly, tail tucked between her legs. "Hey… Hey Kara, that ain’t true, you could still make ‘em…" She whined, prancing on one side of the shopping cart, to the other. "I didn’t mean to eat the chocolate, I promise. It was just getting gooey in my mouth. I promise- Karaaaa~ Kara please don’t be maaaaad."

Kara froze. "... Then... You ate the wrapper, too?!" She quickly checked the half-eaten bar for any plastic or aluminum the absent-minded girl might've digested. Sighing slightly after finding the wet and gnawed on paper, the maid twitched slightly before pulling out her cigarillo and shoving the cart forward. "... We can't afford to buy lots of candy, or for me to cook extravagant things even once in a while. We have too many expenses-- and you know things... destructive things... happen to us a lot more often than normal. Like, what if the bar catches on fire again? What if another wall gets blown out? Or another window broken?

"It's better to save what little we can-- especially when you suck up food like some meat-focused vacuum." Kara scooted forward to catch up with the cart.

"Okay, that wall thing? Not my fault." Kik grumbled, shoving her hands into her over-sized pant pockets as she walked along side the other youth. "And that window thing? Wait... was that Triad's fault or the alien's? I forgot. But, not my fault. And the fire---...." There was a bit of a pause there, before Kik shook her head violently, "It's because Belfe and Miako don't pay rent, the slackers!"

Her hands removed themselves from her pockets, one slamming down into the other. "We can too afford good foods and sweets, and smokes Kara! We just need to start sucking money out of other people, kay?" She smiled sweetly, turning her head and nuzzling against the shorter girl's shoulder. ". . . . Oh, yeah. I ate some of the wrapper too. Sorry."

The maid kind of shook her head. "Maybe if you started charging money for drinks... or food... I mean, Belfe doesn't even have his own room. We share, 'member?

"Anyway, I could always try to hit Belfegore up. I mean, he has that whole 'mystery job' thing." Kara nodded slightly. "If things work out-- I'll make something on the fourth of July."

"Tch.... It ain't a matter of what I'm chargin' people or not," The werewolf mumbled, cheeks pinkening, "It's a lack of customer's tha's the problem. If ya think about it? When was the last time someone actually came in? That didn't fuckin' wind up breaking shit?" It was a depressing topic, one that left the normally energetic werewolf sobered, and suddenly tired.

"You know, I really am startin' to get worried about this Kara. Shit," With a sigh, the youth raked her fingers back through her hair, fluffing her bangs up and out of her face momentarily. "Maybe we should have some kind'a fund raising thing. Make you go out and wash cars in a bikini or somethin'. Heh," She smirked, jabbing at Kara's middle with an elbow, "Bet Belfe would whip out his wallet then. Huh, huh?"

The younger girl gracefully ignored the bikini car-wash comment, her face lighting up with the spark of a good idea. "Let's have a rent party." She grinned at the owner of the bar. "Five dollar cover, invite everyone from the neighborhood... Get rid of some of our less-popular booze, one dollar a pop... make some good cash."

Kara took hold of the cart, and almost skipped to the register. "Really. All we have to do is invite everyone on the block-- maybe put up ONE flyer behind a stop sign... And we'll be getting so rich. We could even do bikini waitressing-- put THAT on a flyer, we'll get kegger rejects like bananas." She spoke excitedly as the yellow fruit passed over the red scanner.

Kik's eyes were nearly sparkling with the prospect of money, and an actual reason to get tanked off of her ass. "Yea!" She shouted in agreement, balling her hands into fists and rocketing one of them high into the air- which in turn caused the poor cashier to jump slightly, nearly dropping a hunk of cheese.

The girl was practically bouncing up and down now, tail wagging with enough force to knock down a few candy bars from the shelving behind her, "When we get back home, let's make them, okay?" She grinned, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, back and fourth back and fourth in excitement.

Kara grinned at Kik, and nodded in agreement, beginning to get excited as well. "Yeah brother. Let's go home and break out the crayons." She picked up two of the five bags and began walking out, cigarillo back in her mouth and waiting for a light. Stopping at the sliding doors to let Kik catch up, she pushed one of her bags onto the other hand and tried flipping her hair back over her shoulder, frizzy circlets hating her. In an effort to save money, she had stopped buying de-frizz leave-in conditioner. She didn't mind the unruly effect, but it was a change.


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Posted at: July 8th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)

Kik had scooped up the heavier bags for her own, as it was only polite (Kara being only human and all), before trotting out after the maid, much to the relief of the cashier. "I think I might have some markers too," She said, giving a small nod in the maid's direction, "If that Niku brat didn't steal 'em of course," A roll of her eyes expressed her continued exasperation with their resident pick-pocket, "Even then, we'll just raid her room and steal them back. No biggie."

Kara nodded and began running home, switching the bag back onto her free hand to give her some better leverage. She kept jogging home, accidentally dropping her cigarillo on the way. Well, one smoke wasted is better than a carton flushed down the toilet by some uppity anti-smoking neighbor. She huffed at the bar steps, setting one bag down to fumble with the doorknob. She threw it open, and brought the groceries up the first stairs, and up the next, face flushed from exercise. Not pausing to check if Kik was actually following her or not, she hollered downstairs. "GIMME A LIGHT NOW."

It was an easy enough exercise for the werewolf, and she ran after the maid happily. It had been far too long since she'd last been able to stretch her legs, to breathe in fresh air, to simply be -outside-. High-tailing it up the stairs after Kara, the girl made a sliding stop once she reached the bar, breathing heavily and darting her eyes this way and that, blinking and tilting her head to one side at the other girl's shout from above.

"Well if SOMEONE had remembered to bring my SMOKES to the market, we BOTH could have gotten a light by now stupid!" She barked up the next flight of stairs to the kitchen, before tromping up the steps, flinging the bags onto the countertop once she reached her destination.

Kara placed the fruit on a countertop and snorted slightly. "Yeah, and if you managed to get your own things, we would both be in a better place."

Feeling a bit snarky, Kara decided to bring up something else she could taunt Kik about. She dug out some construction paper and the crayons. "Lets make us a flyer."

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