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darksilhouettes's Journal

Dark Sihouettes; Care for a drink?
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"Allo', and welcome to the Dark Silhouettes Bar. I'm manager and owner of this bar, Kik's the name. Below are a set of rules for any customer that enters this place- you don't follow 'em? I kick your fuckin' head in, kay?" ♥

About the Bar

What had started out as a humble RPing thread on Gaia Online, has now been transformed to this: The Dark Silhouettes Roleplaying LJ Community. Why move to LJ might you ask? Simply enough, Gaia has, for the most part gone to shit. Numerous problems have arisen for the players, and due to those problems, the bar has become completely inactive. We miss roleplaying with each other. Something had to be done.

So, stop on by, pound back a couple of drinks, and we'll have ourselves a grand old time.