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Robin J. [userpic]
Belfe and Kik do that 'bonding' thing.
by Robin J. (kikkuma)
at July 18th, 2006 (10:45 am)
Feeling: Content
Singing: Everybody's Happy Nowadays - Ash Feat. Chris Martin

Kik let loose a low sigh from her vantage point on the kitchen counter, barefooted and clad in a pair of simple gray sweatpants and black tank top, wrists resting lightly atop her bent knees. "Sheesh..." She exhaled sharply, ragged bangs fluttering, before settling over her for once, glasses-less eyes.

The weather conditions weren't favorable for going outside- not in the least bit so. Gray skies, fog- no sounds other than the occasional crow cawing. The youth's ears perked, piercings clinking together before coming to a rest against short fur once again. "Tch..." Kik hated being alone on days like these.

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