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Robin J. [userpic]
Kara and Belfegore are angst magnets.
by Robin J. (kikkuma)
at July 7th, 2006 (07:17 pm)
Feeling: Bored
Singing: When In Rome - The Promise

She was bored, hungry, had cramps and deathly, deathly alone. All in all, things weren't looking so bright for the werewolf currently. With a scowl and a flattening of her ears, Kik kicked one nazi-booted foot up onto the kitchen tabletop, causing the ever-present ashtray to jump slightly. "I was only fifteen years old, but I'd never felt so free~" She sighed out, a half-assed attempt at singing out loud.

Half a sigh, half a growl rumbled up from the girl's chest to her throat, past her lips, and furrowing her brows, her booted heel came down onto the table again. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. Over and over again the boot came thudding down, the thought of what Kara would do for scuffing up the kitchen table never once crossing her mind.


Posted by: Robin J. (kikkuma)
Posted at: July 8th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)
Oh Shit.

The werewolf yelped, blue eyes flying wide, fur standing on end. Her chair clattered against the floor as she bolted upright, wringing her hands together, even as her back end began to wriggle back and fourth. "O-Oooh! Kara! I was just telling Belfe here that he was stupid to have ever kicked his feet up on the table like that, an' how I should kick 'is head in and, wow, you do look beautiful when you're angry, did anyone ever tell you that?"

Posted by: Belfegore (belfagore)
Posted at: July 8th, 2006 03:03 am (UTC)

*h jumped up yelling* Fuck no Kik! Kara, you gotta believe me, I didnt put my feet on the table! I would never do anything that dumb. *he was remembering times when he first met the maid, and her angry bat* Kik is just trying to get me into trouble...

Posted by: Robin J. (kikkuma)
Posted at: July 8th, 2006 03:12 am (UTC)

"Oh my GOD. Kara! Belfe is such a liar!" Kik screeched, balling her hands into white-knuckled fists at her sides, "Belfe! Have you no shame!?" She sighed, an exaggerated sound, before leaning towards Kara, cupping one hand to the side of her mouth as her ears flattened against her head, "You know, if you want, I wouldn't mind taking him out back an' beatin' some sense inta the boy Kara, I mean, really, first he ruins the table then he -lies- about it? I'll teach 'im a lesson. I'll teach 'im good."

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